Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yet another food fiasco

What is it with my kids and their food messes?

This evening, Jason is off to a bible study and I fixed a simple meal for myself and the kids. After dinner, I sent them off to the living room to watch television while I cleaned up. Every few minutes I would ask Darian if Vibiana and Sebastian were o.k. His response was always "Yes, mom. They're fine. They're right here watching SpongeBob."

When I completed my evening kitchen chores I stuck my head into the living room. The first thing I saw was Sebastian happily crushing an entire package of saltines. I look over to Vibiana to see her licking a couch pillow. Why is she licking it? All the better to enjoy the packet of hot chocolate mix she spilled!

After taking a few deep breaths I said, very calmly, "Darian, what are the kids doing?"
His response was, "They're fine. We're just watching cartoons." What he didn't realize, due to his rapt attention to the television, was that he was close enough to both of these messes that he actually had saltine and hot chocolate mix in his hair! What an observant boy!

To top off the whole thing, when I went to change Sebastian into his pajamas I noticed his pants were wet and they smelled of pee. When I took his pants off, his pull-up was not there. These are not pants that he has ever been able to pull down on his own and the legs are to narrow for a pull-up to fall down the leg. When I asked him where it went he said, "It had poop. I don't know where it went." Hopefully I don't find it in my bed tonight.

As I sit here drinking a glass of wine, I can be amused by the whole thing. Well, maybe not amused, but at least I am not pulling my hair out. I bet a few more glasses of wine and I will actually be able to laugh about it!

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Bianca said...

oh the joys of motherhood! Thank you for the frank, amusing nature of your storytelling! I am having one of those days and it is Monday morning (9 AM) so I am in for a real treat! Hope you have a good rest of the week as we begin our Lenten season! :-)