Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy, but fruitful

Finally, a quiet Monday morning after a busy weekend. Friday morning I took Sebastian for his first "real" haircut. This was his first experience getting it cut somewhere other than our kitchen! He did great.

The shaggy dog (before):

And my big boy (after):

He looks so much older with his hair cut. Obviously, he had a treat (chocolate) for being so good.

After haircuts, home for nap and then Sophia to dance class. I wasn't able to get any pictures at dance class since all the moms get kicked out during class. Maybe next week.

After dance, it was off to Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. As I mentioned before, both Jason and Darian worked fairly hard on the construction of the car. Fortunately, it all paid off and Darian walked away with 3rd place! Great job, guys!

After scouts Jason and I had to finish homework for diaconate class on Saturday. I really need to NOT wait until the last minute - I get so stressed about finishing that I have a hard time being "nourished". The content can be difficult enough (Reading the Old Testament) but add in stressing about finishing and it can be nearly impossible. But, we both finished in time for class Saturday.

Sunday, off to mass in the morning and then a meeting afterward. After the meeting, get home, change clothes, and off to a FABULOUS Super Bowl Party. We had a wonderful time. We aren't really into sports, and we don't keep track of football at all, but the good food and great friends make my day. Jason wasn't able to go because of a sinus headache, and I really debated going on my own with all the kids, but I am so glad that I did. This particular group of friends is really more like a family. I know that I can let my kids run around and there is always someone to help them - get a drink, wipe a nose, offer comfort when they fall. To end the weekend with a feeling of love and acceptance was truly a blessing. Thank you God, for friends who are TRULY my brothers and sister in Christ.

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Bianca said...

definitely sounds like a busy weekend. Please keep us in prayer as Mark and I are discerning about the diaconate. May I ask how do you manage to do the classes with small children? Who watches them on those weekends? Right now that seems like such an obstacle for me.

I can guess whose house you were at for the Superbowl party....was it my favorite DiSilvestri family? They are always great at hospitality and feel like family!