Sunday, August 24, 2014

A resurrection, of sorts

As I woke up rather late on this beautiful Saturday morning, I was greatly inspired to attempt to resurrect this blog. Of course, this is kind of my last Saturday (or any day) of freedom for awhile, so we will just have to see how long it lives.

The last year has been full of, well, life. The life of a very involved mom, her four kids, and a busy, hardworking spouse. The kids were so excited that Diaconate Formation ended, because that meant we had free Saturdays. When you’re a kid, “free” Saturdays means sports. I immediately had two boys signing up for summer basketball through parks and rec. Once that was done, my youngest and my oldest signed up for fall/winter basketball. Once that finished, Sebastian wanted to do baseball, so we signed him up with little league. He loved it and did really well and played post season all stars. We had a fairly quiet summer, but we signed three kids up for baseball and one for soccer. My original hope was that Sebastian and Vibiana could be on the same team since they are technically both Farm Little League age. But, the opportunity came up to form a girls softball team and Vibiana really wanted to play that instead. So, I now have four kids on four different teams, some days practicing at the same time on different ends of town. But, since they are all loving every minute, I don’t complain. I drive them everywhere, sometimes it’s a drop off and Dad picks up, but I can’t deny them the joy they are finding in playing their sports. I just wish I could perfect bi/tri/quadri-location. It would make my life so much easier. But, no one ever said it would be easy and I truly to treasure all these moments that I get to experience with them.

So, if this resurrection is short lived, you will know why. If you need me, I will be at the school, at church, in the car, or at a random soccer/baseball/softball field somewhere in the Antelope Valley. Go Thunderbirds/Rays/Cubs/Astros!!