Friday, August 21, 2009

No, we have not converted to Orthodoxy

We just really, really like icons. This is our new icon corner. I love that I have this great little corner to say my morning and evening prayers. Now, if I could just find the time to say my morning and evening prayers...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

My 3rd grader and my kindergartner started the new school year today. Darian was so excited to see all his friends - no sooner had we walked in the school gate than he said "Bye, Mom!" and was gone. Sophia was also very excited and had a great first day. The only downside - Darian already has homework in 3 different subjects!! Welcome to 3rd grade.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The newest altar server

Congratulations are in order for Darian who has become Sacred Heart's newest (and youngest) altar server. He has been going through the training for the last couple of weeks and he served his first mass this evening. He has been so excited and he did a great job. We are super proud of him.

After mass, when Fr. Tom shook his hand and told him he did a great job, Darian said "Now I'm one step closer to being a priest!" God bless you, Darian. We need priests with your love and dedication.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School

Well. Tuition is paid (at least the first month), school supplies are bought, uniforms are hanging in closets, new school shoes are ready and, most importantly, the kids are excited. It is officially back to school time.

I, for one, am looking forward to the return of the school year. While it can be a hassle - getting everyone ready for the day, packing lunches, doing homework, etc., I am looking forward to having a schedule again. Naptimes can go back to normal, my chores can be done according to my schedule, and most of all, there will be some quiet around the house. While I really do enjoy having the kids home and playing together, they get really loud!! Plus, when they are all home, it doesn't matter what I do, the house is always a mess. An example - this morning, not five minutes after I had vacuumed, Vibiana took a bowl of goldfish into the living room. Darian gave her the bowl of goldfish without asking me if she could have a snack and then he proceeded to tickle her while she was holding the bowl in the middle of the living room. The result - not only did the bowl of goldfish go flying (at which point Sebastian started shouting "Flying Fish!!") but then Vibiana fell to the ground and rolled around, crushing all the goldfish and requiring me to vacuum AGAIN!!

The first day of school cannot come soon enough!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Some days, the kids all play together so well. I love watching them be creative and use their imagination making up games to play together. They all have different strengths - Darian is good at organizing (bossy!) and making sure everyone is included, Sophia loves to be creative and brings her artistic flair to every game, Sebastian is game for anything and Vibiana just loves to be playing with her siblings.

Today was one of those rare days that they opted to keep the television off and just play together. The game today? Restaurant. Sebastian wanted it to be a McDonald's drive-thru, but that was vetoed for a sit-down restaurant. They sat together and came up with a name (The Red Wolf Diner), a menu, seating arrangements and job assignments. Darian raided the pantry to see what to put on the menu, Sophia decorated the menu and picked out table linens, and Sebastian and Vibiana were anxious to be customers so they could eat. Sophia acted as hostess and waitress and Darian was the cook and assistant waiter. Sebastian and Vibiana were the customers and they took the game very seriously, right down to asking me for money to pay the bill!

Even though summertime can be hard with all the kids home (and arguing), on a day like today I am so thankful for the gift of my children. I am also reminded of a beautiful quote from John Paul II - "The best gift you can give your child is another sibling." I treasure my relationship with my siblings and I pray that someday my children will understand the beautiful gift they are to each other.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Camping Success!

Well, our camping trip was a complete success! Everyone had a wonderful time - even Jason and I after we managed to erect the monstrous tent. The campground was really nice (Mt. San Jacinto State Park - Idyllwild) with flushing toilets and warm showers that we didn't have to pay for. Our campsite was shaded for most of the day, so it stayed nice and cool - low 80's is my guess. Quite a change from our upper 90's, low 100's at home! We didn't do much hiking. My arthritis is mostly under control, but still not up to serious hiking. We explored the campground, played games, explored the town of Idyllwild. Darian had fun participating in the park's Jr. Ranger program.

We got filthy! Vibiana found a tree dripping sap and wiped the sap all over her hands, face, and clothes. And, of course, tree sap does not clean off. At least she managed to not get it in her hair. Overall, we had a great time and the kids are already asking when we can go again.