Monday, February 23, 2009

My little Wisdom

Lent has somehow snuck upon me yet again. I know this is just me, because we have been having many a dinnertime discussion about penance. Since Darian is making his first communion this year, we have been determined that he take this Lent seriously. For myself, however, I have been in complete denial. So here I am, with a day and a half, to work out my own Lenten penance.

I hate penance - I know, that's kind of the point. I have no willpower and quite frankly half the time I feel like my life is penance. I just seem to have had a bad attitude about my own Lenten penance this year. I have been struggling to really find the meaning in my giving up sweets or my cheesy fiction books that I love so much.

This morning, as I was driving Sophia to school, we saw a rainbow. I pointed it out to her and she said, "Wow, Mom. Isn't God's love beautiful?"

Ah-ha! There it is. There is my meaning. Yes, God's love is beautiful. Not only in the form of the rainbow's, but especially in the form of his beloved son on the cross. God shows me his love everyday, in so many ways. Now it is my turn to show my love in a way that isn't easy for me, just as his death on the cross was horrible for him.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a new revelation. These are things that I know and have been telling Darian for weeks. But, sometimes I really need a smack upside the head from the Holy Spirit in order for my knowledge to enter into my heart. And talk about humility - He had to send a five year old to teach me!

Thank you, God, for giving me the wisdom of a five year old!

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