Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday!

So Lent has officially begun.

I took all the kids and attended our school mass this morning. Afterwards, since Darian was on a half day school schedule, we went to Wal-Mart to walk around until it was time to go back for Darian. When we first walked in, I couldn't figure out why so many people were staring at us with weird looks on their faces. Then, I heard someone comment that they needed to remember to "go get ashes" today. Oh yeah! Here I was walking around with three small children, all of us with soot on our foreheads! As we continued to walk around the store, I had so many people smile at us, say hello, ask if I knew what time the next mass was, and I even had two people ask me to pray for them during Lent. Wow!

I never knew I could be such a great witness just walking around Wal-Mart!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My little Wisdom

Lent has somehow snuck upon me yet again. I know this is just me, because we have been having many a dinnertime discussion about penance. Since Darian is making his first communion this year, we have been determined that he take this Lent seriously. For myself, however, I have been in complete denial. So here I am, with a day and a half, to work out my own Lenten penance.

I hate penance - I know, that's kind of the point. I have no willpower and quite frankly half the time I feel like my life is penance. I just seem to have had a bad attitude about my own Lenten penance this year. I have been struggling to really find the meaning in my giving up sweets or my cheesy fiction books that I love so much.

This morning, as I was driving Sophia to school, we saw a rainbow. I pointed it out to her and she said, "Wow, Mom. Isn't God's love beautiful?"

Ah-ha! There it is. There is my meaning. Yes, God's love is beautiful. Not only in the form of the rainbow's, but especially in the form of his beloved son on the cross. God shows me his love everyday, in so many ways. Now it is my turn to show my love in a way that isn't easy for me, just as his death on the cross was horrible for him.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a new revelation. These are things that I know and have been telling Darian for weeks. But, sometimes I really need a smack upside the head from the Holy Spirit in order for my knowledge to enter into my heart. And talk about humility - He had to send a five year old to teach me!

Thank you, God, for giving me the wisdom of a five year old!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yet another food fiasco

What is it with my kids and their food messes?

This evening, Jason is off to a bible study and I fixed a simple meal for myself and the kids. After dinner, I sent them off to the living room to watch television while I cleaned up. Every few minutes I would ask Darian if Vibiana and Sebastian were o.k. His response was always "Yes, mom. They're fine. They're right here watching SpongeBob."

When I completed my evening kitchen chores I stuck my head into the living room. The first thing I saw was Sebastian happily crushing an entire package of saltines. I look over to Vibiana to see her licking a couch pillow. Why is she licking it? All the better to enjoy the packet of hot chocolate mix she spilled!

After taking a few deep breaths I said, very calmly, "Darian, what are the kids doing?"
His response was, "They're fine. We're just watching cartoons." What he didn't realize, due to his rapt attention to the television, was that he was close enough to both of these messes that he actually had saltine and hot chocolate mix in his hair! What an observant boy!

To top off the whole thing, when I went to change Sebastian into his pajamas I noticed his pants were wet and they smelled of pee. When I took his pants off, his pull-up was not there. These are not pants that he has ever been able to pull down on his own and the legs are to narrow for a pull-up to fall down the leg. When I asked him where it went he said, "It had poop. I don't know where it went." Hopefully I don't find it in my bed tonight.

As I sit here drinking a glass of wine, I can be amused by the whole thing. Well, maybe not amused, but at least I am not pulling my hair out. I bet a few more glasses of wine and I will actually be able to laugh about it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Here she is, the birthday girl. I have a hard time believing she is already 5! As a surprise to all the kids, we went to Disneyland. They had a wonderful time. Sophia's favorite ride was the Carousel. Sebastian loved Mr. Toad's wild ride because he got to go "crash!" Jason and I swapped going on the more "exciting" rides with Darian. Sophia was just barely tall enough to go on some of the bigger rides - she really liked Star Tours. This was too expensive a trip to do too often, but we all had a wonderful time. We arrived later in the day (around 3:30) and stayed until after 10. We left just before the younger kids had complete meltdowns. A great day for all, but especially my "big" birthday girl. God bless you, Sophia.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't you know?

This last Sunday, I was serving as an EM at mass. I love this ministry. I love being able to bring Jesus to his people in such a tangible way. I am very blessed to serve this ministry at a parish that has so many devout people. That being said, there are always people you know just don't get it.

So, I was serving the Body and these two teenage girls came up. I do my part, holding up the host and saying "Body of Christ." Both of these girls (sisters? friends?) obviously just didn't care. The second one even responded with an exasperated, "Yeah, amen." Part of me just wanted to shake them and say, "Don't you know who this is? Don't you know all He did for you?" As they walked away, I found myself struggling to focus on what I was doing. I thought, "Why? Lord, you came and did this for us, knowing that so many people would respond just as these girls. Why?"

The next woman came forward. She was an elderly woman, leaning heavily on her cane, her knitted cap pulled down tightly to keep her warm. As I held up the host and said "Body of Christ" she gazed up with tears in her eyes and said "I love you Jesus, Amen."

I love when I get prompt answers!!

God Bless.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crunch, Crunch

Any of you who know me know that I am not a neat freak. In fact, Jason and I tend to be quite the opposite. However, there is one thing that really drives me insane - stuff on the floor that crunches.

So, this morning when I rushed to have a quick bathroom break, Sebastian and Vibiana got into the pantry. They then proceeded to take a couple of graham crackers (and stomp them), white rice, and kosher rock salt and spread them throughout the kitchen, dining room, and parts of the living room. Did you know that salt can make a carpet crunch? Do you know how difficult it is to sweep up white rice???

The little darlings.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

May perpetual light shine upon him

I just wanted to send out my deepest condolences to Amy Welborn on the sudden death of her husband, Michael Dubruiel. Our prayers go out to Amy and their children. Anyone wishing to help with funeral expenses, college funds, etc. can donate through Danielle Bean's blog.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy, but fruitful

Finally, a quiet Monday morning after a busy weekend. Friday morning I took Sebastian for his first "real" haircut. This was his first experience getting it cut somewhere other than our kitchen! He did great.

The shaggy dog (before):

And my big boy (after):

He looks so much older with his hair cut. Obviously, he had a treat (chocolate) for being so good.

After haircuts, home for nap and then Sophia to dance class. I wasn't able to get any pictures at dance class since all the moms get kicked out during class. Maybe next week.

After dance, it was off to Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. As I mentioned before, both Jason and Darian worked fairly hard on the construction of the car. Fortunately, it all paid off and Darian walked away with 3rd place! Great job, guys!

After scouts Jason and I had to finish homework for diaconate class on Saturday. I really need to NOT wait until the last minute - I get so stressed about finishing that I have a hard time being "nourished". The content can be difficult enough (Reading the Old Testament) but add in stressing about finishing and it can be nearly impossible. But, we both finished in time for class Saturday.

Sunday, off to mass in the morning and then a meeting afterward. After the meeting, get home, change clothes, and off to a FABULOUS Super Bowl Party. We had a wonderful time. We aren't really into sports, and we don't keep track of football at all, but the good food and great friends make my day. Jason wasn't able to go because of a sinus headache, and I really debated going on my own with all the kids, but I am so glad that I did. This particular group of friends is really more like a family. I know that I can let my kids run around and there is always someone to help them - get a drink, wipe a nose, offer comfort when they fall. To end the weekend with a feeling of love and acceptance was truly a blessing. Thank you God, for friends who are TRULY my brothers and sister in Christ.