Friday, July 31, 2009


Here I am, preparing to leave for our camping trip in a few hours - the clothes are still in the dryer, I still need to get ice, I have too much food, and I am really not sure whether or not everything is going to fit in the van. I hate preparing for trips.

Yesterday, I put our brand new tent up. Well, I mostly put it up. It turns out the thing is so huge that it didn't all fit in the living room, even once I moved the couch out of the way. By far, the biggest tent ever!

Jason was supposed to take today off so that he could pack the car, but he ended up having to work this morning. So, that leaves me to finish packing stuff, pack the car, clean the house (I really don't want to come home to a disastrous house, but if I don't have time, the house is not going to get cleaned), and deal with 4 very excited kids. Darian taught Vibiana how to say "camping" and she keeps screaming it at the top of her lungs.

I know we will end up having a great time, I just wish we could be there already!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Purple Monster

When the kids went to the dentist back in June, they each received a packet of tablets to chew after brushing their teeth. These are the tablets that stain the teeth where plaque is present.

I hate these tablets. For the few weeks following the dentist visit, the kids bathroom sink, floor, and even toilet seat cover were stained purple. Clothes got stained, chins got stained, and especially fingers. Finally, I had had enough and I threw them all out. At least, I thought I threw them all out.

Today, Vibiana found some, somewhere. The kids were all watching cartoons, and suddenly Sophia starts screaming, "Vibiana's purple!" Sure enough, her hands, chin and clothes were dark purple. She had purple drool running down her chin, and to my great horror she then rubbed her eyes and hair and smeared them with purple as well. We have now bathed, scrubbed, and soaked. And this is as good as it gets. Sigh.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Somebody call a locksmith!

About a week ago, Vibiana graduated from her crib to a toddler bed. We got her this very cute little sleigh bed and a silky Dora bedding set. She loves it! She especially loves being able to get out of bed on her own. That is where my problems begin.

We have been having minimal difficulty at bedtime, but naptimes are horrid. She does not want to stay down when she knows Darian and Sophia are still up. Today, she was up and down at least a dozen times. Then, she stopped. We thought she had finally fallen asleep.

After a few minutes we heard her doorknob, but she wasn't opening the door. Then, she started freaking out. She had locked herself in! Now, her doorknob has one of those skinny holes that you have to stick something in to unlock it. So, I find a tool to do the trick, only it wouldn't unlock! I tried and tried and couldn't get it. Finally, I had Darian go outside and he was able to wiggle her bedroom window open just enough to squeeze through. Saved!

I promptly took the doorknob off and turned it around so that the lock is on the outside. When I took the thing apart, little pieces of wood fell out - it seems someone had tried to shove a pencil in the little hole and that is why I couldn't unlock it on my own. At least we didn't have to break the door or the window!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am so blessed

I have an incredible child.

This morning, we had some friends over to play - three little boys ages 5, 3, and 2. Before they arrived Darian said to me, "Mom, I am going to take care of everything. You can just hang out and relax." Darian was true to his word - he played, kissed owies, broke up arguments, and generally played babysitter. While I didn't really get to relax, (too much laundry and dirty dishes), I was able to get my "chores" done. I was really proud that he, at eight years old, was ready and willing to step up and take the responsibility of all these little ones.

And it gets even better.

By this evening, I had done about a gazillion loads of laundry and was fairly exhausted. Darian came to me and said, "Mom, I am going to fix dinner tonight." And he did, with minimal help from me. Not only did we have a nice dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, but then he helped clean up!!

I am not quite sure what got into him today, but I certainly hope it continues!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer flowers

As some of you may know, I have, not a green thumb, but a black one- I can kill just about any plant just by looking at it. I have tried gardening, houseplants, potted plants - none of them survive. So, imagine my surprise when the sunflowers we planted began to grow and thrive!

Then, Darian pointed out that these were the flowers he planted. The empty dirt space next to them is where I planted seeds. Oh well, at least it seems my black thumb was not passed on.

This is my little grasshopper friend - can you spot him? He has been living on these flowers for about two weeks now. Vibiana is a bit terrified of him - she screamed bloody murder the first time she was trying to sniff the flowers and he moved. The rest of the kids love him. Every morning they go out to find him - he is always on the same flower. I am not normally a big fan of bugs, but this poor little guy only has one back leg and I swear he comes out every time we come out to talk to him. Hopefully he doesn't get eaten by birds. I am sure he would make someone a tasty snack!