Thursday, May 28, 2009

The descent of the "Terrible Two's"

Well, I think the "terrible two's" (and three's and four's) have come upon us a little early this time around. Vibiana is barely 18months, but she is definitely exhibiting the atrocious behavior one expects from a toddler. In the last week she has mastered "No!", "Mine!", and, of course, flinging herself to the ground while kicking and screaming when she doesn't get her way.

This evening, she has decided that everything is hers. Everyone's toys, food, drinks, even Sophia's clothes. It might have been amusing, if she hadn't tried to rip a handful of Sophia's hair out fighting over a baby doll or punched Sebastian in the stomach over a light saber.

Her most prized possession is, of course, me. Whenever anyone (even the dog!) comes near me, she quickly runs over to push them away while shouting "Mine mama!!"

I know that there will be a day when I look back at all this and laugh, but that day is not today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

I went grocery shopping this morning with Sebastian and Vibiana. First let me say, I hate having to take the kids grocery shopping, but when you are out of milk, bread and peanut butter, there is really no choice.

I hurried as much as possible, knowing that it was only a small amount of time I had before someone (probably me) broke down and started a tantrum. We got through everything and started for the checkout. Of course, it being Tuesday morning, there were 10 people with full carts, and two checkout stands open. So, we waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, our turn to empty the cart!

Sebastian, of course, has long given up holding onto the cart and is trying to run circles around it, much to Vibiana's delight. As I am bending over to pick stuff up out of the cart, Sebastian runs into me and knocks himself over. He then proceeds to begin wailing, "Mommy, your butt knocked me over!" Vibiana, not to be left out, starts shrieking and yelling, "Butt! Butt! Butt!"

Good times with the Schalow kids!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The dreaded trip to the dentist

This morning, my three oldest went to the dentist. I was really dreading this because in the past, we have had numerous cavities (and expenses!). But, today, my prayers were answered!!!
Sebastian - no cavities!
Sophia - no cavities!
Darian - 2 very small cavities that only need a simple filling. This is a huge improvement over the 9 cavities/root canals a few years ago. Also, poor Darian (and my poor checkbook), have been referred to the orthodontist. He has some large teeth, and not quite enough room for them all. We'll see how that goes.
All in all, a huge relief for me (and my checkbook).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A few weeks ago, at daily mass, this older woman approached me. She spoke only Spanish, but basically told me that I had beautiful children. She said something about her granddaughter, but I wasn't able to completely understand. She was very kind, gave me a hug, and went on her way.

On Mother's Day, after mass, she approached me with a large Nordstrom's shopping bag in hand. Her daughter was with her and acted as interpreter. She said that she had some things for my girls. She handed me the very full, very heavy bag. Her daughter said that the woman was a seamstress, so there may be some handmade items. I thanked her profusely - I love getting hand me downs for the kids! She asked me to pray for her, and to pray for her first great-grandchild who is going to be born in a few months. I assured her that I would pray for her, wished her a Happy Mother's day, and we said our good-bye's and went our separate ways.

When I arrived home, Sophia was itching to look and see if there was anything for her inside the bag. I was shocked at what we found. On top of the pile, there was a beautifully handmade pink dress for Vibiana. As we continued through the items, we discovered a few hand me downs in Vibiana's size. Very nice dresses and a couple of jackets. The rest of the items were brand new. Some were for Sophia and some were for Vibiana. They all still had tags, with the price removed. There were pajamas, socks, shoes, shirts and even a few toys for Sophia.

The extent of this woman's generosity, a woman whose name I don't even know, moved me to tears. To be on the receiving end of such generosity is a humbling experience. It also helps me to remember to appreciate how blessed we are to be in our parish. I grew up Catholic, and never would something like this have happened in our parish. This, for me, was a beautiful example of true Christian charity, love, and community. I pray that I will be able to take these gifts and bestow them on the others that I encounter.

May God bless this wonderful woman and may He bestow His blessing upon her unborn great-grandchild.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My first First Communicant

Darian received his First Communion last Saturday. He has been excited about this for months and months. Of course, now he wants to know when he can be an altar server. One step at a time, my son!
Today at school, they celebrated the Mary's Day mass. Darian was beside himself because he was picked to be the lector. He did a great job and we are extremely proud of him. We are so blessed to have such a reverent, good-hearted child. We pray that he will continue to let God guide his steps.