Monday, March 29, 2010


and completely frustrated. Jason had his colonoscopy this morning and the results were very good. A few benign polyps and everything else looks perfectly healthy. The gastroenterologist told Jason there probably isn't really anything wrong and he should eat a high fiber diet. When we got home, I called and left a message for Jason's "regular" doctor. When he (actually, his nurse) finally called back it was to tell Jason to eat a high protein diet and see him in three weeks.

Seriously??? Why do these freakin' doctors seem to not care about the fact that my husband has lost just under 40 pounds since the beginning of February? Why do they not seem to listen when he explains all his symptoms - loss of appetite, difficulty eating, fatigue and malaise?

We are both annoyed and I will be finding him another doctor first thing tomorrow. Then, we will just have to see how it goes. Talk about a lesson in patience!

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