Thursday, March 11, 2010

Please, not again

I received some sad news this morning. Another friend (this is now #4) has been diagnosed with cancer. Not breast this time, but colon. She has asked that this not be announced yet, and since many of my readers know her, I will be very vague on details so as to protect her privacy.

I am not especially close to her, but we are friendly and have chatted quite a few times at school drop off or pick up. She is a strong, energetic woman who has suffered some major losses over the years. I learned of her diagnosis mostly by accident, and since then I find myself returning to the same question for the fourth time now - WHY???

I will be honest - I am asking a little more vehemently now. Four moms in our close community diagnosed with cancer in the last 4 months? How can this be? I know, I have faith, that the Lord has a plan and I know that He will be along side them during these tribulations. But, honestly, that doesn't stop me from being angry and frustrated. I know these are normal feelings during the process of grieving, and I am grieving - not loss, but the pain and suffering that she and her family will have to endure. Please pray for them. I know the Lord will give them strength, but it never hurts to ask for more.

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