Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer flowers

As some of you may know, I have, not a green thumb, but a black one- I can kill just about any plant just by looking at it. I have tried gardening, houseplants, potted plants - none of them survive. So, imagine my surprise when the sunflowers we planted began to grow and thrive!

Then, Darian pointed out that these were the flowers he planted. The empty dirt space next to them is where I planted seeds. Oh well, at least it seems my black thumb was not passed on.

This is my little grasshopper friend - can you spot him? He has been living on these flowers for about two weeks now. Vibiana is a bit terrified of him - she screamed bloody murder the first time she was trying to sniff the flowers and he moved. The rest of the kids love him. Every morning they go out to find him - he is always on the same flower. I am not normally a big fan of bugs, but this poor little guy only has one back leg and I swear he comes out every time we come out to talk to him. Hopefully he doesn't get eaten by birds. I am sure he would make someone a tasty snack!

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