Saturday, July 18, 2009

Somebody call a locksmith!

About a week ago, Vibiana graduated from her crib to a toddler bed. We got her this very cute little sleigh bed and a silky Dora bedding set. She loves it! She especially loves being able to get out of bed on her own. That is where my problems begin.

We have been having minimal difficulty at bedtime, but naptimes are horrid. She does not want to stay down when she knows Darian and Sophia are still up. Today, she was up and down at least a dozen times. Then, she stopped. We thought she had finally fallen asleep.

After a few minutes we heard her doorknob, but she wasn't opening the door. Then, she started freaking out. She had locked herself in! Now, her doorknob has one of those skinny holes that you have to stick something in to unlock it. So, I find a tool to do the trick, only it wouldn't unlock! I tried and tried and couldn't get it. Finally, I had Darian go outside and he was able to wiggle her bedroom window open just enough to squeeze through. Saved!

I promptly took the doorknob off and turned it around so that the lock is on the outside. When I took the thing apart, little pieces of wood fell out - it seems someone had tried to shove a pencil in the little hole and that is why I couldn't unlock it on my own. At least we didn't have to break the door or the window!

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