Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The "teenagers"

Well, our "teenagers" left us this morning. They were not actually teenagers, they were young adults. And, they were not on retreat, they are leading the retreat. They are a group called NET Team and basically what they do is travel around the country for nine months and lead retreats for the youth.

What a fabulous group! This is a group of young people, many of them discerning vocations to the religious life, living and sharing their faith. This was a group of "kids" filled with love for God. It was really wonderful to spend an evening with them and see the Holy Spirit at work in our youth.

Praise God!

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Bianca said...

I am glad all went well with the visit and that you were graced with the presence of the Holy Spirit while they were there! I bet it was well worth the anxiety of having someone over!