Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Darian!

Well, my oldest is now officially an eight year old. His birthday was the 31st. He had a party on the 30th with all his friends from school. They all had a great time. Many thanks to all who were able to attend. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures at the party because I forgot my camera. Honestly, I was lucky I made it! The morning involved a trip to the dentist for Sophia and we met my mom (who had the rest of my kids) at the party. After about an hour, my kids started getting tired (especially Sophia who had 4 fillings that morning) so my mom took them home and I got to stay and let Darian have a good time. Thank God for my Mom!! She truly helped keep me sane on what could have been a seriously stressful day.
On his birthday I fixed Darian the dinner of his choice (tacos) and he tried his very best to stay up until midnight...he made it until around 10:30 before falling asleep. Maybe next year.
I continue to be amazed and baffled by this child of mine. Sometimes he is such a wonderful child that I wonder what I have done to deserve him. Other times he frustrates me so much that I still have to wonder what I have done to deserve him! Seriously, he is a wonderful, caring, loving and special little boy. I cannot wait to see what his next year will bring.

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