Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not our usual Easter celebration

Well, Jason and I certainly had one of the most eventful Holy Weeks yet, and I sincerely hope we never repeat it.

On Monday of Holy Week, Jason went in for his colonoscopy. The doctor removed a few benign polyps and told us everything looked fine. On Wednesday afternoon Jason started having bleeding. He contacted (via email) his doctor who told him that if the bleeding happened again to go in to urgent care. So, Holy Thursday morning, Jason experienced more bleeding and left work to go in to urgent care. He was examined and blood work was done. The doctors decided he was o.k., just experiencing bleeding from the polypectomy. He was told that if he was still experiencing bleeding in two days to go to the emergency room.

Good Friday arrives and Jason is still not feeling well, but he goes to work and we meet at church for the evening service. Late that evening, just before midnight, we decide to head off to bed. I get in bed and Jason gets in the shower. Just as I am drifting off to sleep, I hear a crash in the bathroom. I jump out of bed, calling out to him and getting no response. I open the bathroom door to find him unconscious on the bathroom floor, shower running, blood all over the tub and shower. I tried to rouse him and was unsuccessful. After about 30 seconds, he came around, very confused, and tried to get up. He laid in the bottom of the shower while I called 911.

The fire department and paramedics arrived within minutes. I called a friend's mom to come stay with my kids and off we went in the ambulance to the hospital. We arrived in the ER at 12:45 am. He was finally given a bed in the ER around 1:45 am. I have many comments to make on my disgust with the hospital and health care system here, but I will save that for another post. His blood pressure was really low - 102/56 as opposed to the normal for him - 135/75. They also tested his hemoglobin which was down to 9. Now, for me, a 9 is pretty good. But, on Monday before the colonoscopy, Jason's hemoglobin was over 16. Quite a drop. Also, his potassium was very low. Around 4:30 am we were told that he was being admitted. Just after 6 am, they finally found him a bed upstairs and he was moved to a room. Around 8:30, the gastroenterologist who performed the colonoscopy came in and told Jason they would perform another colonoscopy the next morning.

Holy Saturday was spent in the hospital, with wonderful friends and family coming to visit and sending their well wishes. At 8 am on Easter Sunday, Jason went in for his colonoscopy. The doctor found that two sites where polyps were removed had not healed correctly and were causing all the bleeding. He "clipped" them and told Jason that after eating some lunch he would be free to go home. Of course, we missed all the masses but we had good friends bring us communion.

It was a Holy Week that we will never forget. I certainly have a new understanding of Christ's suffering and the fear and anxiety his disciples must have felt. I also have a new appreciation for sitting up and staying awake for someone when you are purely exhausted. Jason is feeling much better with no ill after effects and I am almost caught up on my sleep. Many thanks to all who offered prayers, helped with kids, and supported us through this most difficult weekend. God bless you all.

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deanna said...

Wow, sounds awful for everyone. Thank God he is doing better now. It seems amazing to me what doctors tell you to do when you are sick. It is not very helpful and clearly not the best advice as you sadly experienced.