Friday, April 16, 2010


As I have talked about before, the kids and I often listen to audiobooks during our drives back and forth all over town. This week, we have been listening to Jack London's The Call of the Wild.

This morning, my two youngest were outside playing when I began to hear yelling and giggling. I stepped out to investigate and I was really disappointed I didn't have my camera handy. This is what I saw - Vibiana sitting in the wagon, holding one end of a rope in her hand. The other end of the rope was wrapped around Sebastian's waist as he stood in front of the wagon. Sebastian looks at me and says, "I'm Buck!" Vibiana is yelling, "Mush, Mush!"

I am so glad to see they really understood the heart of the book. I think we will save the story of Joan of Arc for later - I don't want to think about them acting that one out!


Bianca said...

too cute! Definitely a story to save for later!

Anonymous said...

:) really cute! you can definitely tell her when she's older! you definitely needed to have recorded her!

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to say my name:stephanie!