Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potty time - Finally!

Sebastian used the potty! Willingly!!

I have been doing my best over the last few months to encourage him to use the "big boy" potty. He will be three on Sunday and I have been trying not to pressure him too much, but I am really, really tired of having two in diapers. Sebastian, however, has had absolutely ZERO interest. When Darian was on Easter break last week, he tried to help, but my little guy wanted none of it.

We went shopping at Target yesterday, and I took him down the aisle with all of the little boy underwear, thinking I could get him excited about wearing "Diego" or "Cars" or anything. I showed him all the packages with different characters and he said "Yeah, they o.k." When I asked if he wanted to get some to wear, he said "No." As we were leaving the store, he suddenly decided he wanted the Spider-man underwear. Well, I quickly got back over there and let him carry the package all the way to the register. He wasn't interested in wearing them when we first got home, but later in the evening he was more enthusiastic. By today, he only wants to wear Spider-man! I am hoping he has finally reached his turning point. I can almost see the end of the tunnel!

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Bianca said...

yeah for Sebastian! And a happy Birthday to him too! 3 already? I can't believe it! Michael didn't potty train till a little after 3 so hang in there! :-)