Friday, April 10, 2009

It's official

We are insane. Why? Well, what sane people would take 4 young children to not one, but TWO Good Friday services? In the end, we survived...barely.

For the first service we trekked down to North Hollywood where Jason was giving a short talk on the last words of Jesus. Jason's talk went really well, despite Vibiana fussing the entire time. Many thanks to our friend Kim for helping to wrangle the other kids while I dealt with the baby. And, congratulations to Kim's husband, Long, who, despite being very nervous gave a fabulous talk.

Once we were done there we headed back up to the AV where Jason was reading at our evening service and I was scheduled as an EM. I had intended to go home between these two services, but the first one lasted nearly two hours and by the time we got near Lancaster there wasn't enough time to get home and back. So, we ran a few errands and then headed over to Sacred Heart. In the end I wasn't needed as an EM since we had so much clergy present, and this was a good thing since Vibiana only wanted "Mama!" Considering the kids had ZERO playtime today, they were fairly well behaved. We were all really glad to finally get home. For the Easter Vigil mass tomorrow night I have already scheduled a babysitter - Whoo-Hoo!

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