Friday, May 7, 2010


To our great delight, we discovered baby birds this afternoon (much better than my friend Robin, who discovered baby kittens.) As far as we can tell, there are three of these fuzzy little guys perched atop a pillar on our front porch. I am sure that in the next few weeks I will tire of the noise and poop, but for now it is pretty cool.

This is mama, being very wary of the crazy person in the window pointing something at her babies.

And, just an unexpected bonus. As I was standing on some furniture peering out the front window, one of our many "hummybirds" stopped by for a snack. I love spring!!


Anonymous said...

that is a really beautiful picture! you must have the best camera ever! :)


Briana Schalow said...

Thanks Stephanie! I'm glad you liked the pictures!