Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I must have lost my mind

In the midst of another crazy week in the Schalow home, I have decided to overhaul the kids' bathroom.

Why, oh why, did I think this would be a good idea??? On top of the "regular" craziness, Jason is out of town all week and I am still fighting a cough/cold that has been hanging on for weeks. I now have all the bathroom redecorating supplies (paint, light fixture, towel rods, accessories, and flooring) sitting in my entryway. I took the old light fixture down and I need to paint before I put the new one up. Painting I can do - but lighting? How in the world did I convince myself to mess with electrical stuff???

Here's hoping I don't electrocute myself or set the house on fire...

1 comment:

deanna said...

You are brave, I need to clean my kitchen and want to wait until my husband is home! Good luck.