Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do you think my kids are a bit religious?

This afternoon, Sebastian and Vibiana were organizing themselves for playing house. I hear discussion on Vibiana being the sister and Sebastian being the dad. Then, I hear Sebastian say that Ari (the dog) can be Jesus.

At first, I am more than a bit horrified that they felt the dog was a suitable Jesus.

Then I decided instead that it was pretty great that they felt the need to include Jesus in their pretend home.

Then I peek around the corner and see the dog passed out asleep. Sebastian says, "Ari will make a great statue!"

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Bianca said...

I LOVE it when the kids play games that reflect their faith. Frankie likes to take her dolls and teach them prayers, and the boys like re-inacting the slicing of the Roman guards ear, and Jesus putting it back on. Enjoy these moments! :-)