Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A puppy and the plague

is what has been occupying the Schalow family this past week.

The flu is once again working its way through our family. Sophia started it, then Jason, then Sebastian, then Darian and Vibiana. We are now on the tail end of it, I hope. I didn't get sick, but we are not out of the woods yet. Darian and Vibiana are still running fevers and I am taking Darian in to the doctor this afternoon because I suspect his congestion has turned into a sinus infection.

And the puppy? A bundle of cuteness, that's for sure. Jason has wanted an English Mastiff for years now, and I finally caved. We picked up our little guy last Wednesday. He is now 12 weeks old, weighing in at about 15 lbs. Both of his parents are show dogs, with his dad (not yet full grown) weighing in at 160 lbs and his grandfather weighing in at 210 lbs. Our guy, Ari, will be enormous when he's done growing. He is very mellow and very sweet. Now we just have to work on house training him. With Vibiana potty trained I thought I was done cleaning up poop. Guess not.

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