Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My new favorite person

is Darian's new fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Gaharan. My boy is so excited about this year! His first comment was "It's going to be a lot if work but I think my teacher is going to make it really fun." He has homework, but part of his homework is to give each family member a hug. Darian told me Mrs. Gaharan has a different "attitude" about almost everything. Last year when he brought home all of his books that needed to be covered, it was with specific instructions that parents had to do it. This year, Darian said his teacher told him that a parent could help, but it is his responsibility. She is encouraging them to do things on their own as opposed to last year when parents were made too responsible for their kids work. I am already feeling relieved!
Sophia also had a great first day. She is much less verbose about the whole thing. She said "First grade is fun and my teacher is beautiful! "
I think this will be a good year for both my Sacred Heart kids!

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Bianca said...

Good to hear they are starting out on a positive note! Each teacher has different methods to their madness and 4th grade is definitely a "growing up" year whereby the teacher tries to make them more responsible for their own work/projects, etc. I found that the odd years in school were always the "growing pain" years and the even years helped them refine the skills and make them more of their own doing and not so much of the parents. I could ramble on and on about this....have a great school year and give everyone a BIG hello! I miss all of my SHS buddies! :-)