Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My grade school education

In class on Saturday (Diaconate Formation), we talked about how most Catholics have the equivalent of a grade school education in the Sacred Scriptures. Why? Well, how many Catholics do you know that actually read the bible?

We have begun this great discussion on Scripture. We are learning not only the spiritual aspects, but also the historical aspects of the Scriptures. Some of this may be difficult for some to swallow - "What do you mean Matthew may not have written the Gospel of Matthew??!!", but so fascinating. I am learning so much. For example, never before had I sat and compared Matthew and Mark. They have so many differences! So, the next step is then looking at why they are different. Taking into account authorship, audience, and expectations. Why does Jesus seem so much more frustrated in Mark than in Matthew? Why the "secrecy" throughout Mark?

I feel like this whole new world has opened up for me. I have been through two phases of scriptural study in my life - the first was strictly spiritual and the second was strictly historical. Now, I am learning how important it is to merge the two together. Without either one of those aspects, you cannot fully understand scripture. It's like seeing a pencil sketch of a painting - you get an idea of the beauty, but you don't experience the fullness of beauty without the color.

I am definitely looking forward to spending this year expanding my grade school education!


Bianca said...

I LOVED learning more about scripture and it truly has impacted my faith on so many levels. While in college, I took a graduate class on the Synoptic Gospels and it was absolutely fascinating! One thing I wished I had done was an indepth study on the Gospel of John and Revelation. Some of my Protestant friends have "Bible Studies" about those books but I am leery due to the style of writing and knowing that those particular books are not meant to be taken literally. So perhaps one day I can go back to school and finish that Master's of mine! (In my spare time of course!)

Rachel said...

That sounds really interesting! I'd love to hear more about it.